1x2 Betting Tips

1X2 betting may be one of those terms that perhaps confuse you. In this short write up AsiaticBet aims to describe this term once and for all for you. We also give you some pointers on the best places on the web to go about 1x2 betting.

1X2 betting is also known as three-way betting, and simply refers to betting on a home win, a draw or an away win. This is typically what you used to find on betting coupons when visiting a good old fashioned betting shop. The 1 marks the home win, the X marks the draw and the 2 marks the away win. Quite simple, isn’t it? 1X2 betting does not seek to even out any difference in class between the listed teams or players for that bet. 1X2 betting lines simply aim to reflect the true odds of every possible outcome minus the bookmaker’s hold.

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Asiaticbet was founded on the observation of 'collective intelligence' scholar research from Harvard University and MIT, and successful decision strategies of Fortune 500 companies as Google, Dell and Procter & Gamble, and Wall Street giants as Goldman Sachs, Barons, and the Wall Street Journal.

These organizations all employ an intelligent predictive power in decision making of predicting future outcomes. Its a process that models a collective strength in numbers and expert professional opinions. When applied to sports, the results are graded against over 20 expert handicappers and sports analysts. Then graded a third time from our proprietary mathematical algorithms and machine learning to provide the greatest confidence, and greater returns, in predicing sport game outcomes.

Our goal evolves this legacy of innovative thinking to create the backbone of AsiaticBet and apply it to thousands of sport game outcomes around the globe. This inspiration creates a new generation of predictive accuracy of sports game outcomes and provide our clients with the most intelligent and confident sport tip, pick, prediction available.

AsiaticBet proprietary model capitalizes on the evolution of predictive power, intelligence, and social integration to consolidate over 100,000 active sport experts and enthusiasts opinions, data and analysis. These sport predictions (tips or picks) and opinions, are then analyzed and compared with the industry experts. Our experts is are a team of sport analysts, bookmakers, handicappers with decades of experience. Lastly, our proprietary process does the rest to offer the highest confidence in sport game predictions to our clients.

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